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Lite Wing offers advanced drone services in Florida, streamlining your operations and accomplishing multiple projects

Optimize Operations and Maximize Efficiency

With our advanced drone services in Florida, you can streamline your operations and accomplish multiple projects simultaneously. By deploying our state-of-the-art drones, we can cover large areas efficiently, collecting valuable data and imagery that empowers decision-making across various projects. Save time, resources, and effort by harnessing the power of aerial technology for your business.

How does drone data help your business?

There are several reasons why you might want to use a professional drone company on a construction site.

Experience the Best in Aerial Drone Photography and Videography Services with Lite Wing

How Drone Data Helps Your Business:


The safety of the site and its inhabitants is of utmost importance to professional drone operators, who undergo training to abide by stringent safety protocols and regulations. This is particularly critical in construction sites, where heavy equipment, hazardous substances, and other potential dangers are present.


Our professional drone firm utilizes advanced drones and photography gear to obtain high-resolution images and videos, offering a more comprehensive and precise perspective of construction sites than what is attainable through the naked eye alone.


The use of drones allows for rapid and efficient coverage of large areas, resulting in time and cost savings on site surveys and inspections. Additionally, drones enable real-time monitoring of progress and detection of any potential problems or roadblocks.


Comprehensive documentation of construction sites, including images, videos, and 3D models, can be provided by professional drone companies. This documentation is valuable for project planning, stakeholder communication, reporting purposes, and insurance.

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"I wanted to create a drone video of my wedding day and Lite Wing was the perfect choice. They worked with my wedding planner to ensure everything was in place for the aerial shots and were very discreet during the ceremony. The footage they provided was stunning and captured the magic of our special day."

- The larson Family

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